Content and structure of the whole Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential is continuously available via a state-of-the-art JSON API connected to the editing platform. Everything that is available at https://www.ewphp.org/ (based on Drupal 9) is also retrievable through this JSON API.


Encyclopedia databases retrievable via the API: World Problems, Global Strategies, Human Values, Human Development, Patterns and Metaphors, and Integrative Concepts.


Any modern programming framework can be used to communicate with the API. Examples include ReactJS, VueJS, SvelteJS, AngularJS, Drupal, etc.


The data is view only, meaning the API (currently) does not allow modification of the source.


NB: This documentation replaces the legacy version (based on Drupal 7) at https://demo.ewphp.org/

Demo implementation of the API

Ask the Fox: an Encyclopedia Sandbox


Would you like to integrate your project with the Encyclopedia? Submit a motivated request via our contact form explaining the intended use.

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